Benefits of a Boiler Service

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances inside your home and therefore should be serviced regularly to maintain its performance, efficiency and most importantly to confirm its safety

There are many benefits of regularly having a boiler service

  • To confirm that all the safety devices work on the boiler and that it is performing within the guidelines stated in the manufacturers instructions
  • Regularly servicing your boiler will extend the life of your boiler as well as ensuring it works as efficiently as possible
  • If you have boiler cover, most insurance companies will insist you have it serviced every year

When you should have your boiler serviced and how often

Your boiler should be serviced every year. Summertime is always advisable for many reasons mainly being in the unfortunate event that the boiler needs parts replacing or boiler changing this is better for everyone when the demand for the boiler is lower than the winter months. Prices for boiler servicing differs from region to region but a good guide is between £50-£80 plus VAT if you are getting charged more than that then you really need to shop around.

Tips for maintaining your own boiler

Unless your a Gas Safe engineer than you should be attempting any work with involves removing the case of your boiler, however there are tips that will help you maintain the boiler therefore helping prolonging the life of the boiler and identifying faults before they surface.

  • Regular use helps keep the boiler ticking over, its best even during summer months to put the heating on for 5-10 minutes
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Keep your pressure topped up if you have a combi boiler
  • If your confident then keep the chemical levels correct or have a system magnetic filter installed (check previous post for info)


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