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Benefits of a Boiler Service

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances inside your home and therefore should be serviced regularly to maintain its performance, efficiency and most importantly to confirm its safety There are many benefits of regularly having a boiler service To confirm that all the safety devices work on the boiler and that it is […]


obsolete & reconditioned heating spares

Cant find the Boiler part you need ?? or has the part been classed obsolete ??? Drop us a email with all the details and one of our heating specialists will get in touch. We can recondition or refurbish 90% of the parts on your boiler so before spending ££s on new heating spares give […]

Importance of keeping your Heating system clean

Your boiler is integral to the smooth running of your home, providing hot water on demand and central heating when you need it. It’s often not until it stops working properly that you give a second thought to its health. CORROSION WITHIN THE SYSTEM We all think of water as pretty innocuous stuff, but when […]

New and Reconditioned Heating spares

Boiler spares & heating parts

Save £££s on boiler spares & heating parts. Send us your old fan or PCB and we can recondition it and send it back to you on nationwide next day delivery. If you require any assistance drop us a email or ring to speak to one of our heating spares specialists on 0151 639 9312 […]